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In this joint op ed by Alice Albright, GPE CEO, and Tove Wang, CEO of Save the Children Norway, explain that more financing is needed for education. Norway can play a crucial role to galvanize...
The Government of Norway is delivering on its promise to double support for global education. Norway's aid for education is channeled through GPE and UN organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO,...
Discover the power of education through individual stories of children, youth, and teachers living in GPE partner developing countries.
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Aid to education

Within the Norwegian cabinet, the responsibility for development policy lies with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Norad, a directorate under the MFA, is the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.

The Norwegian’s 2017 budget highlights education as one of the priorities of Norway’s development policy during this year. The priorities in education are as follows:

  • Girls’ education
  • Education in countries affected by fragility and conflict
  • Secondary education and vocational training
  • Education in mother tongue, quality of education, and education to achieve sustainable development

In 2015, the top five bilateral recipients of aid to basic education in 2015 were: Malawi, Lebanon, Somalia, South Sudan, and Nepal.

Norway and GPE

Norway is the GPE Board representative of the Donor 4 constituency on the GPE Board, Finland and Ireland are also part of this constituency. Norway sits on the Governance and Ethics Committee and Grants and Performance Committee.

Last updated May 16, 2017