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Meet some amazing youth

Learn how education has transformed the lives of young people in GPE partner developing countries

Education brings many benefits to societies: it can reduce poverty, promote gender equality and boost economic growth. But as importantly, education empowers individuals in their journey to a better life.

Education shapes futures is a compilation of remarkable stories of young people living in GPE partner developing countries on how education has transformed their lives for the better. In these stories, you will meet Gilles from Cameroon, who is convinced that education saved him from a life on the streets; Aishetu from Niger, who hopes to be a role model for girls in her community by motivating them to continue their education; and Jamal from Tanzania, who after realizing how beneficial education was for him, helped pay for his sister’s school fees to ensure she finishes secondary school.

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These stories don't only celebrate successes, but highlight the determination, dedication, and challenges these young people overcame to attend school and learn. All of these stories tie to a common thread: education leads to a brighter future and shapes the life of every single person.

To read the full stories, please visit the education shapes futures web page.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Cameroon, Kenya, Niger, Tanzania


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