Investing in Education Cannot Wait means investing in our shared humanity

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Girls line up to drink after school, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Credit: GPE/Jawad Jalali

The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development—ending poverty and hunger, achieving gender-equality, and ensuring justice and peace—was at the forefront at the 72nd UN General Assembly where renewed calls were made for universal values. Financing the Future: Education 2030, a high-level event held at the Assembly, drew renewed and heightened attention to the very foundation of all sustainable human development goals: education.

As countless global advocates, Yasmine Sherif, Director of Education Cannot Wait (ECW), believes education represents the very last hope for millions of children affected by crises. That is why Education Cannot Wait is not just about any education; it moves with humanitarian speed, development depth and determination to help millions of girls and boys in crisis educate themselves out of their despair. Education Cannot Wait is education for all, regardless of gender, disability, poverty, minority status or any other driver of disadvantage. It is investing in our shared humanity. 

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